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Increase Marketability of your house in the Greater Cashiers, Sapphire, and Highlands area

Make Your Home Spring Clean to Attract More Buyers 10 Easy Steps to Increasing the Marketability of Your WNC Property

With the official start of Spring just a few short weeks away, its time to start preparing for the steady return of potential buyers to the mountains of Western North Carolina. Like bumble bees to a flower garden, seasonal visitors will descend upon the distinctive communities of Highlands, Cashiers, Sapphire Valley, Lake Glenville and Lake Toxaway. Some will be discovering our unique corner of the world for the very first time, and some will be returning for their familys annual escape from the hustle and bustle of life off the mountain. This Spring and Summer will mark the occasion that many will make the decision to put down roots of their own, just as families have been doing here for nearly two centuries.

What will you do to make your home stand out from the crowd? Aside from partnering with the talented team of brokers at Silver Creek Real Estate Group and taking advantage of their comprehensive blend of targeted advertising and strategic marketing plans, we recommend the following Ten Easy Steps to Increasing the Marketability of Your WNC Property . They are designed to help you increase the appeal of your homes interior to potential buyers so that they view YOUR HOME as the prettiest flower in the flower garden this Spring:

1. Start your SPRING CLEAN a little early this year! Its an annual ritual we all dread to a certain extent, but it is absolutely essential to making your home more appealing to visitors. If that potential buyer found your homes exterior appealing enough to walk inside, this is your opportunity to really hook them. Make sure your wood floors are shining, your carpets are clean, your countertops are sparkling, and that the whole home smells clean and fresh. Dont overlook smudges on windows and mirrors, and dont forget to dust. It might be worth the expense of hiring a professional cleaning crew in order to get the home really spic and span.

2. Set a Mood Through Light In the daytime, open curtains and blinds to let the sun shine in! Closed and covered windows can make a room seem dark and depressing to some potential buyers. Keep in mind, youll want to make sure the view through your open windows is as lovely as possible by tackling any necessary outdoor projects. In the evenings, set dimmers on your lights to create ambience and if you wont be far from home for long during the showing light some candles to set a mood of romance and relaxation.

3. Open your Space in Order to Open Their Minds If your home is cozy, make sure to de-clutter as much as possible in order to make the space seem more open. Remove bulky furniture and unnecessary knick-knacks. Adding a large mirror here and there will help make smaller rooms seem more spacious. Get rid of clutter on countertops, desks and dressers, especially personal family photos. Remember, uncluttered countertops give the impression of a cleaner kitchen and bathrooms. Resign your mind to the idea that you ARE moving. So why not go ahead and start packing some of these items away for your next home?

4. Black is the new well, BLACK Black is timeless and chic. By adding a touch of black to every room, you add an air of sophistication. This is easily accomplished through throw pillows, picture frames, lampshades, wrought iron decorative pieces, etc.

5. Convey a Feeling Chances are, the people who are looking at your home are interested in the idea of a mountain retreat. Its simple to express through your dcor that your home offers a place of quiet and relaxation through overstuffed pillows and luxurious looking throws, but tasteful touches like area rugs, use of fabrics and the occasional decorative item can add to the feel of a tranquil cottage in the woods, as well. Be careful not to over exaggerate a theme not everyone will appreciate bear-skinned rugs and moose heads over fireplaces.

6. Keep it REAL Rather than use silk flowers around your home, consider investing in fresh flowers and/ or fruit. Not only will they add natural beauty to your dcor, they will add a lovely Spring Garden aroma.

7. Stay on Top of the Latest Trends Purchase a handful of current issues of home dcor magazines and try to duplicate the trends that you feel will work best with your homes interior design. Its simple and relatively inexpensive to flow this seasons hottest colors into your kitchen or dining room by purchasing plates and table linens that reflect the trend and leaving the table set. Throw pillows, knick knacks, artwork and accent walls are other inexpensive ways to spice things up according to the latest fashions. According to Pantone, one of the hottest colors in fashion and interiors for 2010 is TURQUOISE. Use of natural materials is also all the rage.


Cedar Hill home listed by Silver Creek Real Estate Group in Cashiers NC

Cedar Hill home offered for sale by Silver Creek Real Estate Group in Cashiers NC


8. Sleep Tight! According to a recent U.S. Department of Labors American Time Use Survey, American adults spend an average of eight+ hours sleeping. You should pay special attention to your bedrooms, particularly the master suite. Make these rooms appear as luxurious and inviting as possible through the use of overstuffed bedding and uncluttered spaces. Cool colors or neutrals will add to the feeling of calm.

9. Use Creative Organization There will be times when youll have a moments notice that your home is about to be shown. If youre organized, its simple to make a quick sweep of the home to make certain its looking its best before you go into hiding. There are lots of neat tricks out there to storing items so that they are no longer an eyesore, but actually appealing. Pull out shelving under cabinets makes storage of your appliances and kitchen tools much easier and uncluttered countertops give the illusion of a cleaner kitchen. Use handsome dispensers for soap and pretty clear jars or hurricanes to store cotton balls and q-tips in the bathrooms theyre functional AND decorative. Become innovative in the ways you store your kids toys. Shoveling them into a closet doesnt really work if your visitor is peeking at all the closets to get an idea of space shoe organizers on the backs of doors become great impromptu storage containers for school supplies, dolls, cars and smaller toys they use regularly.

10. Make Sure Each Room Paints a Picture Walk room to room and decide what each spaces function should be. Make each room appear as though it were lifted from the page of a magazine. The tables can be set for guests, a book and throw can be draped across the arm of a comfortable chair, a board game can be set out in the family room awaiting players, etc. Again, the latest home dcor magazines will come in very handy here. Be careful not to take this concept to the point that it doesnt appear homey and welcoming.

Spring is also a great time to check on any possible maintenance issues following the long, cold winter. Its wise to have your roof, deck and foundation inspected for possible leaks or water damage. Youll want to have those gutters cleaned out in time for those April showers. Schedule a professional air conditioning contractor to inspect your unit to make sure its functioning at an optimal level.By taking care of these issues now, you wont have any nasty surprises once the buyers inspector has their run-through. Silver Creek Real Estate Group welcomes the opportunity to become your listing agency. We would be happy to share more of our friendly advice and staging practices with you to aid in the swiftest possible sale of your Blue Ridge Mountain home. Our offices are located in the heart of Cashiers, North Carolina in the Shoppes at CreekSide we invite you to drop by anytime. You can also call to speak to any one of our talented brokers at <a href="tel:+18287431999">828-743-1999</a> or e-mail any questions you may have to Whether or not you elect to list your home with us, we wish you the very best of luck in the sale of your home and in the future.