Lake Toxaway, North Carolina

Listen closely and you’ll hear the faint echoes of Lake Toxaway’s storied past.

Since the turn of the 20th century, this private lake—the largest in North Carolina and the first artificially made in the Appalachian Mountains—has drawn captains of industry. Accessible by railroad, the area once drew Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and members of the Rockefeller and Vanderbilt families to its Toxaway Inn. Decades after a 1916 flood, the inn closed and Lake Toxaway Estates, along with the historic Greystone Inn, became the successive draws.

At almost 3,000 feet elevation in Transylvania County, Lake Toxaway covers more than 640 acres and boasts a picturesque shoreline of 14 miles. On its shores is Lake Toxaway Country Club and an 18-hole golf course.

Nestled among four mountains and supplied by natural streams, Lake Toxaway flows into a waterfall and river by the same name (which is Cherokee Native American for “place of thunder”). Boating, paddling, skiing, swimming, and fishing are enjoyed by property owners and guests. Public access and outside boats are not permitted, so traffic is minimal.


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