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Journey With Intention: Miraval Resort & Spa

Labyrinth at Miraval Arizona

Imagine a day spent in which each activity is set with intention, each meal is served with purpose, and each interaction rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul. Sounds almost unheard of, right? But it's not as uncommon as you might think.

All across the world, wellness retreats offering this experience have been increasing in popularity. These resorts and spas are dedicated to helping you reach your mind and body goals while soothing the spirit with activities that expand the senses, provoke thought, and inspire wellness. 

Located in Tucson, Arizona, in the warm shade of the Santa Catalina Mountains, you will find one of the country's most luxurious, all-inclusive, adult-only wellness retreats - Miraval. Guided by their vision that life is more meaningful and joyful when in balance, Miraval has been providing the tools to find and create your balance since 1995. In this enchanting desert setting, you are invited to unplug from the world around you and experience an imaginative, authentic, and meaningful connection with yourself, nature, and others.

Set Your Intentions

At Miraval, the best way to get the most out of your experience is to enter it with an intention, a set of goals or outcomes you would like to achieve. Whether that intention is improving your mental well-being, reconnecting with family and friends, indulging in self-relaxation, finding self-connection, or rekindling romance, their experiences and services are tailored to meet your needs. Setting these goals will allow Miraval's specialists to put you at the center of your wellness journey and guide you to a connection with what means the most. 

Do you seek the healing power of nature, or do you need a supportive environment after suffering a loss? Do you want to discover the benefits of conscious cooking, or do you want to nurture your physical and spiritual wellness at the Spa? Whatever it is you seek in your journey, Miraval's expertly crafted itineraries offer all the fulfillment necessary to leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and one step closer to the person you want to be. Choose how you want to spend your time, or allow one of their Experience Planners to guide you through your stay. 

Disconnect to Reconnect with the Present

Mindfulness is one of the core principles of Miraval - being present in the moment and letting go of worries and ruminations from the past. As natural thinkers, people may find this challenging. We have all felt the frustration of trying to be present in the moment. Whether it's a family dinner or a business meeting, life's difficulties can be a common distraction. One moment you are enjoying a meal with friends, and the next, you are propelled into an anxious spiral over a notification that just popped up on your phone.

For your stay at Miraval, you will enjoy "Miraval Mode," an environment free of digital devices, such as cell phones, laptops, and tablets. Take this opportunity to regain consciousness of your physical, spiritual, and mental presence and step away from the distractions and into digital mindfulness. To prepare for "Miraval Mode," the resort provides a few tips before your arrival. 

Miraval's Mindful Tips to Help You Unplug

  • Turn on your "out of office" message for personal and work emails. 
  • Put your phone on "Airplane Mode" to prevent notifications, incoming calls, or alerts from disrupting you and other guests. We suggest turning off all notifications permanently from your cell phone apps to establish better control of your devices.
  • Go analog – for the moments when you are waiting for a friend, sitting at a cafe, or taking a break, consider analog options rather than scrolling through a digital device. Start carrying your favorite book, a journal, the latest bestseller, a collection of poems, or a bundle of magazines.
  • Wear an analog watch and buy a travel alarm clock. When you use your phone as a watch or alarm clock, you are more likely to get distracted by what your screen offers versus simply telling the time. 
  • Change your screen backdrops to display mindful reminders. Remember that you control your intentions, don't let your phone control them. 

To learn more about digital mindfulness, visit to hear from science journalist, speaker, and author Catherine Price. Price has dedicated her life to helping people unplug; she is the founder of Screen/Life Balance, author of How to Break Up With Your Phone and The Power of Fun, and Miraval’s own Digital Wellness Ambassador.  


Spa Deck at Miraval Arizona

Focus on Nature

In the untamed desert landscape, surrounded by cacti and native flora, tall palm trees, and a general feeling of magic, Miraval welcomes you with its thoughtful incorporation of natural and modern elements that evoke a sense of tranquility and immersion in the landscape. With a diverse offering of accommodations, the resort is a perfect destination for groups large and small. 

Each accommodation is designed with the natural environment in mind and accentuated with elements that provoke a connection to the local culture and invoke personal reflection. Soothing earth tones reminiscent of the surrounding landscape and mountains will deepen the power of natures healing energy in each guest room. With mindfulness in focus, guest rooms also feature in-room meditation channels and pillows, cloud-like bedding, a cellphone "sleeping bag," Tibetan singing bowls, and specialty snacks and beverages. For a genuine connection with the land, the Sunrise rooms offer outdoor showers, patios with fire pits, and glass walls that showcase vistas of the entire Santa Catalina Mountain range. 

Suites at Miraval vary in size and layout, with all offering private patios, luxurious decor fireplaces, expansive terraces, and unobstructed landscape views. Their most spacious suite - the Sonoran Suite - allows you all the privacy you need, with a full living room and dining space for four, an outdoor lounge, and a whirlpool bath. The Retreats offer larger suites for accommodating groups who may want to share their journey but desire the option of separate rooms for privacy. The Unity Retreat is perfect for couples and families with two bedrooms, an indoor/ outdoor shower, a full gourmet kitchen, and multiple dining spaces for eight. 

If you need to feel even more at home, the Miraval Villas are the perfect choice for friend and family gatherings, solo retreats, or relaxing escapes with your loved one. Each luxury villa is artfully nestled within its own slice of the earth, affording expansive terraces and long-range mountain views. For an artistically inspired hideaway, the D'Arte Villa is an innovatively designed residence in a secluded location with private views of the mountains. Featuring two king bedrooms, one queen bedroom, a plunge pool, a private art collection, and an expanded patio, this is Miraval's largest villa. 


Himalayan Sound Bath at Miraval

Experience Wellness

Now that you have set your intentions, unplugged from the outside world, and settled into your luxurious room, suite, retreat, or villa, it's time to dive into your goals for your stay. Each day is a new opportunity for self-discovery with activities and treatments designed to awaken and invigorate your spirit. Whether you want to push yourself outside your comfort zone on the Challenge Course, heal fear and trauma through an equine experience, or participate in immersive cooking workshops, the possibilities are endless. Led by Miraval's healers, masters, and elite experts who are pioneers in their practices and devoted to your journey, there is a world of knowledge just waiting to be explored in these unique and diverse lessons. Offering group and personal activities, you can embrace change and self-reflection with as much or as little solitude as you desire.

For the spirit and soul, learn from farmers, artists, and spiritual masters about old-age practices that calm the mind, enrich lives and inspire positive change. Discover the power and meaning of your nightly dreams and learn to recall and connect with them to uncover personal insight and inspiration. Dive deep into your senses with crystal sound meditation as you listen to the rhythmic hum of Tibetan sound bowls. Explore your past life regression through guided meditation in a soothing and empowering atmosphere. Learn to embody ancient spiritual wisdom and practices on your journey to a more vibrant, balanced, and mindful self. 

For the food enthusiast, Miraval's Life Balance Culinary Kitchen features state-of-the-art educational facilities where they host a number of their signature hands-on workshops. Work alongside the culinary team as you learn the tools and techniques to create flavor and visually appealing dishes. Guided by their Conscious Cooking philosophy, Miraval welcomes guests to view food through different lenses - its production, preparation, consumption, and relationship to ourselves and our community. Discover the rich nutrients and flavors that eggs and other breakfast or brunch items can offer. Join a light-hearted class that teaches you how to order drinks while sticking to your health goals. Follow along with Miraval's master chefs and lead dietitians as they explore the food, wine, and environments of cultures that have uncovered the secrets to longevity.

At the Body Mindfulness Center, you can engage in various fitness activities that will inspire and strengthen your physical and mental connection. Learn to develop and sustain an active and healthy lifestyle with exercise and a mindful approach to body positivity. Try a high-energy cardio dance class that will get you moving with a fusion of styles like Latin, country line dance, Jazz, Zumba, and more. Relax with a 45-minute afternoon stretching session. Practice Pilates movements while focusing on strengthening and aligning your back. Enjoy several outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and trail running while learning about the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. 

It has long been known that horses are sentient and intuitive beings capable of understanding human emotion. The Equine Experience at Miraval's Purple Sage Ranch taps into this by allowing you to discover yourself through meaningful interactions with these incredible creatures. Hear profound stories about Miraval's herd of horses that illustrate the evolving role of the horse and human bond. Meet the herd for a behind-the-scenes experience at the ranch. Let the equine specialists guide you as you walk the horses through a series of obstacles representing challenges and triumphs from your life. Create balance, embody presence with thoughtful meditation, and discover new ways to communicate with yourself and others.  

Step into the Life in Balance Spa to discover a world of self-care possibilities. With twenty-three indoor and outdoor treatment rooms, a two-way fireplace, a reflecting pool, a quiet room, and breathtaking views of the desert and surrounding mountains, the Spa is the perfect place to indulge in over 100 treatment options. Treat yourself to a renewing facial, deep river stone massage, or a cold stone and clay manicure and pedicure. Unlock the science of self-healing with Ayurveda and Reiki practices that will leave you in a state of elevated consciousness.


Cooking at Miraval

Culinary Consciousness

Nourishing the mind and body starts with wholesome and consciously crafted cuisine. At Miraval, their mindful meals will keep you fulfilled and inspired during your stay. Their complimentary food selections celebrate Arizona's unique tastes and textures with fresh and local ingredients, an ever-changing menu of wholesome dishes, organic cocktails, and a specially curated list of wines. 

Miraval's main restaurant, The Cactus Flower, overlooks the ruggedly beautiful Catalina Mountains. Indulge in healthy and flavorful meals created by nutritionists that help you make informed decisions about portion size, ingredients, and combinations. Reservations are required for each meal and can be made daily. 

Grab a delicious smoothie, tea, or snack after your spa service at the Palm Court Cafe, or relax with a cocktail and hors d'oeuvres at the Coyote Moon Bar & Lounge. Soak up the desert sun outside near the Oasis Poolside Bar and try their selection of tasty Sonoran-inspired treats and favorite local foods. Or, enjoy an in-room dining experience in the privacy of your own retreat.  

Escape to Miraval

For more information on Miraval and its exclusive offering of mindfully designed wellness services and experiences, please visit their website at With two additional locations in the hill country of Austin, Texas, and in the historic Berkshires of Massachusetts, your path to wellness could be closer than ever. Each Resort offers the same approach to wellness, accompanied by signature experiences that vary based on location. Start your new year on a journey with intention at Miraval Resorts, and put your life back in balance. 

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