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Up Your Game With Masterclass

Modern Italian Cooking with Masterclass Image Courtesy of Masterclass

Each new year brings with it the obligatory resolutions we have all made to get in shape, adopt a cleaner diet, try that new hobby, and expand ourselves further as critical and creative thinkers. Some of us take these opportunities and run, while others need help finding the time, motivation, or access to make their goals happen. With MasterClass Online, all the information, inspiration, and possibilities are at your fingertips. 

In these virtual lessons, you can learn from industry professionals who are passionate about sharing their insights, tips, tricks, and in-depth knowledge on topics ranging from food, home and lifestyle, business, design, and science and technology. You no longer have to flip through encyclopedias, attend crowded speeches, or waste hours delving through web pages to figure out how to perfect your skill; instead, you can now learn from over 180 courses on your streaming device or smartphone anytime, anywhere. 

Achieving those new year’s resolutions will be easier than ever with access to expertly designed lessons that enable you to learn at your own pace. Whether you are seeking out the key to perfectly baked sourdough or learning the fundamentals of conservation, there's a class for that! Try out one of the MasterClasses below or choose from their extensive offering and start the new year by tackling a few of your goals.

Massimo Bottura Teaches Modern Italian Cooking

If you have not heard of the revered three-Michelin-star restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy, you will be pleased to find yourself acquainted with Chef Massimo Bottura, author of Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef. Osteria Francescana is consistently listed as one of the world’s top restaurants under Chef Bottura, who has diligently refined his approach to modern Italian cuisine. 

Follow along in this lesson to discover Chef Bottura’s inspiration for transforming classic and regional Italian recipes into delectably modern dishes. The Chef will teach you to make rich, flavorful tagliatelle al ragù, pumpkin risotto, and the MasterClass-exclusive Emilia Burger recipe. Throughout 14 video lessons, you will enhance your cooking as you learn techniques, recipes, and culinary insight from one of the best chefs in the world.

Matthew Walker Teaches the Science of Better Sleep

Whether it’s due to stress, work, kids, or health, we have all struggled with getting a good night's sleep. Sit with Matthew Walker, professor of neuroscience and psychology at UC Berkeley and director of the Center for Human Sleep Science, as he details the science behind sleep. As an expert in his field, Walker can teach the best tips and tricks for improving both the quantity and the quality of your sleep to improve your daily mood and function. 

In this course, you will learn the basics of sleep, what REM is, how to prevent sleep debt, navigate the effects of alcohol and caffeine, and improve your overall health. Start this new year off right with the best sleep of your life. 

Pharrell Williams & Co-Instructors Teach the Power of Empathy

Take a deep dive into your social interactions with singer/songwriter Pharrell Williams and his fellow co-instructors as they discuss the importance of empathy in their lives and careers. With backgrounds across diverse industries including entertainment, real estate, and philosophy, these professionals are uniquely poised to discuss the importance of empathy and how it can transform one's worldview.

Learn about the origins of empathy and its relationship to sympathy, how to cultivate empathy through writing, and how empathetic leadership can make for a successful workplace. After all, we all need a walk in each other's shoes at some point. 

Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategy and Leadership

Join American businessman Bob Iger for an enlightening conversation about evolving your business and career. During his time as Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company, Iger grew the company to unprecedented proportions with the acquisition of Pixar Studios, Marvel Entertainment, and Lucasfilm. 

In this MasterClass, Iger will discuss the art of negotiation and the value of taking risks as he lays out his tenets for strong leadership and business. Improve workplace morale and boost your productivity for a record business year.

Melinda French Gates Teaches Impactful Giving

A dedicated philanthropist - arguably one of the greatest in history - Melinda French Gates is a powerful advocate for women and girls across the globe.

In this captivating course, Gates teaches us to identify our unique assets - time, money, specific skills, and even our voices - to discover a strategic path that can turn individual power into progress. Learn how to use your resources to your best advantage, understand the different forms of philanthropic giving, and discover how to break down any barriers that may stand in your way. Most importantly, learn how to understand the lives of others so that you may truly know how to give back best.  

MasterClass Online makes it easier than ever to learn from the pros. Sign up for their 30-day free trial, or join now with unlimited access to over 2,500 lessons for just $15 per month.

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