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Cleared for Launch: Spring Market Preparation

Exterior of Home 48 Arrowhead Cottage Road; A Silver Creek Exclusive Listing

As the market begins to heat up for the spring and summer seasons, now is the perfect time to check all those items off your to-do list to get your home ready for sale. You can take various small steps to ensure that your property is ready to take on the competition, many of which come at little to no cost. Investing some time and a little bit of money into things like cleaning, repairs and staging could increase the likelihood of receiving offers quickly, and Silver Creek Real Estate Group is here with some tips and tricks to get you and your home the attention you both deserve.


Enhance Your Curb Appeal 

First impressions are crucial. A fact that rings true when discussing your home’s curb appeal. So, to help set the stage for potential buyers to place an offer, let’s put your best foot  forward. You’ll want your yard to be neat and tidy. Mow the lawn, clean up the weeds, trim up those bushes and shrubs, and throw on a fresh layer of mulch to give the exterior a bit of a face-lift. Add a pop of color with some perennials in garden beds or flowerpots near the front entrance. Remove excess yard decorations and anything that shouldn’t be there. Even a simple change to the color and paint of your front door can leave a positive impression.

Repair & Restore

Make sure all exterior elements of your home are looking good. You’ll want to make sure that everything from weatherstripping, eaves, gutters and the roof is up to par. Fencing should be free of damage, decks and patios should be in good condition, and any cracks or rotting should be fixed. If you have peeling paint or missing siding, you’ll want to make sure to get that fixed up too.




Declutter & Depersonalize

Amplify your space by removing any clutter that detracts from the integrity of the home. This includes cleaning out those storage rooms, emptying packed shelves and cabinets, recycling all old newspapers, magazines (except for NC Living, of course), and throwing out those old shampoo bottles that have been collecting on your shower shelf. Not only will this help when it finally comes time to move, but you will be amazed at how much bigger your space can feel when the clutter disappears. While it can be difficult for many of us to depersonalize our homes, removing all those family portraits, heirlooms, and trinkets from around the house will only help potential buyers imagine themselves making memories there.

Neutralize & Freshen Up!

Though that bright red kitchen might scientifically make you hungrier, it could be a turn off to potential buyers who can’t see past the bold color choice. Neutralizing your color pallet allows those who enter your home to focus on the integrity of the home rather than the stylistic choices. You want your buyers to be able to imagine their style, décor and furniture in a space, bright and bold colors could potentially distract them from this. A fresh coat of paint could make all the difference!

Replace Lightbulbs

Dust your lighting fixtures, replace any bulbs that have burnt out, and make sure they are all the same hue! Not only will those entering your home notice, but it will make your photos light and bright!

Get Rid of Grime

Everyone takes note of a well-maintained home. Unclog those drains, descale those showerheads, and make sure that those often-overlooked areas receive a little extra TLC. It will not only make a difference to you when all the fixtures and finishes are sparkling and polished, but to your potential buyers too.

Let in the Light

Natural light, we all love it. Let the light shine in your home by making sure all those windows are doing their job. Give them a good washing, open those blinds, and replace any dated or broken window treatments. Natural light will not only make your space feel larger, but warmer too!

Right Any Wrongs

Wear and tear are normal in any lived-in home, but some repairs may need to be made before you go to market. Do you have an outlet that refuses to work, or a shower with weak water pressure? How about a large stain on the carpet that you’ve been hiding under a chair or a dent in the wall? Now is the perfect time to make sure that everything is in working order for that inspection.


Beautiful Deck with View 

Make it Feel Like Home!

You want to set the stage for your potential buyers to envision their perfect life in the home. This doesn’t have to cost a lot, but some simple flourishes could have a huge impact. Fluff up the bathrooms with fresh towels, toss a few decorative blankets and throw pillows on the living room couch, hang some artwork, or add a fresh vase of flowers to the kitchen counter. If you have any unused rooms, consider adding a few pieces of furniture to give them a purpose. That extra bedroom could be an office or art studio, and some simple staging will not only make the room feel larger but will help your potential buyers see its useful potential.

For more information on this wonderful property, view the listing here.

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