Decorative Touch - Interior Designer And Retail Store In Cashiers NC

Silver Creek Spotlight: The Decorative Touch in Cashiers, North Carolina

Priscilla Wodehouse isnt one of your average, everyday resort village shopkeepers (not that theres any such thing as average or everyday in Cashiers, NC). Between her popular Highlands-Cashiers Plateau store - The Decorative Touch, and her highly revered home decor services - Mountain View Interior Designs, she offers her clients a real design experience. As an allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers with more than 40 years of design experience under her belt, Priscilla is one of Western North Carolinas foremost authorities on the subject of tasteful home dcor.

The Decorative Touch and Mountain View Interior Designs both found their origins in Greenville, Mississippi in 1970. With the humble beginnings of an accessory shop, The Decorative Touch soon evolved into an antique and interior design hub for the entire city of Greenville and most of the surrounding area. When Priscilla moved to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, The Decorative Touch moved with her and reopened to rave reviews from the locals. For many years, Priscilla served both commercial and residential clients near the beaches and greater Jacksonville area.

The Decorative TouchIn 2005, Priscilla sold the Ponte Vedra branch and moved to the historic mountain village of Cashiers North Carolina. It was here that she again found the ideal match for her taste and talent. In addition to her interior design work, she opened a marvelous shop near the Cashiers Crossroads and filled it with fabulous art, tasteful furniture, designer rugs, custom made window treatments, precious china, decorative pillows, and great accessories to finish any home from the mountains to the city to the shoreline and beyond. Priscilla brings years of experience and a discriminating eye to the rustic approach of design. She offers a unique sense of casual elegance and sophistication to each and every one of her clients. Since becoming a treasured member of the Cashiers Community, Priscilla and The Decorative Touch have taken part in such popular area events as The Chinquapin Designer Showcase and The Cashiers Designer Showhouse.

The Decorative Touchs Philosophy and Mission Statement perhaps explains Priscillas approach to her work best: We are a creative service company and desire to make the homes our clients dwell in be the warmest and most inviting our collective talents can produce. Our aim is to create a space for families to live and love in, be it on vacation or for our ever-growing year-round couples who enjoy the peace and quiet of the winter after our busy social season has subsided. We want to use the colors and styles that you, our customers, feel best living with, but with our suggested ideas and concepts based on years of experience. With our knowledge encompassing hours of research from antique shops to design centers all over the world and our endless library and list of contacts, we can help you to achieve the rooms youve been enviously dreaming about. We can create and design from scratch spaces that take all of your needs and desires into a completed space of your own. If you can think it, we can do it. We can design furniture, window treatments, re-design spaces, and accessorize with our outstanding vendors of art, objects dart, rugs, lamps, anything you need. We offer sophisticated cabin as well as traditional, casual and everything in-between. Working with your vacation furniture or starting from a bare room, we will work with you to produce a fabulous finished space that is uniquely your own.

The Decorative Touch in located at 121 Highway 107 North in Cashiers. For more information and store hours, call 828-743-7787 or visit their website at Priscilla looks forward to the opportunity to work with you to create a space thats uniquely your own!