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Marketing Team

A Dog's Life on the Plateau

he mountain towns of Highlands and Cashiers provide their residents and visitors with unparalleled experiences, both indoors and out. But what of their furry best friends; must they stay at home and miss all of the fun? Definitely not! The Highlands-Cashiers Plateau is paws-itively welcoming to canines and their owners, offering up a smorgasbord of services, shopping, and outdoor adventure. 

The Artful Impact of Virtual Staging

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In the dynamic field of real estate marketing, first impressions carry a significant impact. Beyond mere curb appeal, home buyers need to attach emotionally to a property, imagine themselves living there, and feel confident that, “this is the one.” 

Unfortunately, potential buyers often struggle to visualize the potential of an empty space or a home in need of renovation. Enter our in-house virtual staging department at Silver Creek Real Estate Group...

Planted by Design - With Mary Palmer Dargan, Renee Byrd, and Vic Knight

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Drawn to the Blue Ridge Mountains by breathtaking scenery and a deep affinity for nature, area homeowners often wish to expand their living space into the great outdoors. In the mountains, many of life’s best moments are lived on trails, at the edges of cliffs, or even just in one’s own backyard, with a soundtrack of a trickling stream or roaring waterfall playing in the background. 

Trillium Links and Lake Club: Properties Spotlight

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There is no shortage of private communities centered around an outdoor lifestyle on the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau, but not all of them feature an 18-hole golf course awarded four-and-a-half stars by Golf Magazine. Nor do they all include access to Lake Glenville, said to be the highest-elevation lake east of the Mississippi River. At Trillium Links and Lake Club, members can enjoy the best of both golfing and lake experiences. 

A Slice of Heaven - At the Chattooga Club of Cashiers

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A summer spent in the mountains can feel like returning home. The slower pace of life, fresh mountain air, and cooler ambient temperatures provide true rejuvenation for the mind and body.  But for members of The Chattooga Club, time spent at their private retreat is not just coming home; it’s coming home to the open arms of a large, extended family.

Celebrating Life Together - At Wildcat Cliffs Country Club

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Perched at over 4,250 feet in elevation and tucked against Whiteside Mountain lies one of the best-kept secrets in Highlands, North Carolina. Wildcat Cliffs Country Club provides an intimate social lifestyle for its members, who come to the mountains for the agreeable weather and scenery but end up staying for the lasting bonds formed within their gates.

A Tropical Haven Awaits - At The Gasparilla Inn & Club

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Words by Emily Davis

Photography courtesy of The Gasparilla Inn & Club

As shortened days and frosty nights descend over North America, vacationers seek refuge in Boca Grande, Florida, where the sun beams its comforting warmth and ocean breezes soothe winter-weary souls. There lies a historic island gem, The Gasparilla Inn & Club. The iconic [...]

Protecting Paradise

With the Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust

Words by Emily Davis

photography by Andrew Renfro, courtesy of the Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust

In the present day, the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau serves as a vacation destination for those seeking cool mountain air, prestigious golf courses, fine dining, and charming shops. While perhaps not the [...]

The Winter Show

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Masterpieces in Manhattan

Words by Ellen Jones

As New York City wraps itself in a twinkling frosty embrace, The Winter Show rolls out the red carpet for art connoisseurs and aficionados. If Frieze is the contemporary enfant terrible of the art world, The Winter Show is the classic grande dame. It’s little surprise, then, that this [...]

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