Rainbow Falls In Wester North Carolina

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Silver Creek Spotlight: The Waterfalls of Western North Carolina

Florida has its sandy beaches and swaying palms, Georgia has its gently rolling hills and meandering rivers, South Carolina has its palmettos and oak trees draped with Spanish Moss, and North Carolina has its sweeping mountain panoramas and unparalleled Autumns bursting with color. Many would argue that the Southeastern United States is one of the most beautiful regions of the world some for the sights that are laid out right before your eyes, and some for the hidden treasures tucked away from the world down a winding, tree-lined hiking trail. Western North Carolina is the source for a veritable bounty of majestic waterfalls concealed in seemingly ancient forests, swathed in both mist and mysticism. The sound of a cascading waterfall immediately puts all within earshot at ease, while the sight of one of these incredible riches fills one with the notion that they are experiencing something that very few people have shared. They are a part of our history, flowing from a place in time, cut through the rocky surface of a mountain face powerful and enchanting all at once. Silver Creek Real Estate Group wants to shine the spotlight on a handful of these hidden gems if you have an opportunity to visit our unique slice of Heaven, we highly recommend you add one or more of these amazing sights to your list of things to see and do during your next trip to the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau.


Whitewater Falls in Western North Carolina

Whitewater Falls


1.Rainbow Falls: Known as the Niagara of North Carolina, this spectacular nine-story waterfall with a 125-foot drop is located in the Nantahala National Forest along the Horsepasture River. It is accessible by way of a strenuous 1.5 mile hike from adjacent Gorges State Park on Highway 64, which encompasses more than 7,000 acres of forest, more than 20 miles of rivers and creeks, more than 45 rare plant and animals species, and over a dozen waterfalls. Hikers should be prepared to park in the Grassy Ridge parking area and cross two streams to get there.

2.Turtleback Falls: An easy five-minute walk upstream from Rainbow Falls leads you to this wide and exciting 10-foot drop. A popular ride for locals and visitors alike, waterfall jumpers should always exercise extreme caution as the river currents have been known to pull swimmers downstream toward the treacherous drop at Rainbow Falls. Tragically, three lives have been lost here since 2003. Regardless of whether you view these falls from the shoreline or from the water, it is a beautiful sight to behold.

3.Dry Falls: Located 3.2 miles north of Highlands along Highway 64, this aptly titled 75-foot cascade provides plenty of space for people to walk behind it without getting wet. The United States Forestry Service provides parking and a paved trail leading to the falls.

4.Bridal Veil Falls: A little over .5 miles south of Dry Falls, Bridal Veil provides an impressive graceful 120-foot drop that falls over an old portion of U.S. 64. Travelers can actually drive BEHIND the falls making for an incredible photo op. Bridal Veil Falls enjoyed its fifteen minutes of fame when it was featured in the 1992 film Last of the Mohicans.

5.Toxaway Falls: This winding 250-foot cascade is easy to view from several angles on Highway 64 East near Lake Toxaway where the river passes under a bridge and over a cliff.

6.Whitewater Falls: Perhaps the most famous waterfall in the area, this dramatic cascade drops over 400 feet making it the highest waterfall east of the Rockies. Located 15 minutes from Cashiers, Whitewater Falls can be accessed by way of N.C. 281 South 8 miles beyond the Gorges State Park entrance. Visitors should be prepared to pay a $2 vehicle fee, but its well-worth the price of admission to view this natural wonder. A paved walkway leads to the falls, and a 12-story climb down leads to an observation platform for the most striking view of the waterfall.

With more than 300 known waterfalls across the state, it would be impossible to name them all here. We invite you to come discover a few of your own! While youre here, Silver Creek Real Estate Group can even help you find a one-of-a-kind property with a waterfall in your very own backyard. To begin your quest for the ideal lot complete with cascading falls, contact the dedicated team of Silver Creek brokers by calling us TODAY at 828-743-1999, emailing us at info@ncliving.com, or filling out our online contact form. If youre in the neighborhood and need us to point you in the direction of some of the regions most remarkable waterfalls,stop by our offices in the heart of Cashiers in The Shoppes at CreekSide, next to Wendy's Restaurant. We look forward to meeting YOU!