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Bare Boards Party on the Village Green Scheduled for June 14th

Join your friends, family, and neighbors on June 14 for the Bare Boards Party on Cashiers Village Green. This very special event is designed to celebrate the upcoming transformation of the former Summit Charter School location on Frank Allen Road into a multi-purpose open-air community facility, The Village Square on The Village Green. Having served as the site of Summit for the past ten years, the recent move of the school to a new campus leaves four viable turrets, a restroom facility, parking area and a series of covered walkways. The original courtyard provides an excellent location for a Great Lawn that will serve as the ideal setting for large private tented parties, outdoor concerts and open air community events. Following a renovation, the buildings turrets will function as facilities for meetings and lectures. Rental of the Great Lawn for private parties and the turrets for meetings will help fund The Village Green a conservancy project created to preserve, protect and enhance land for our communitys civic, spiritual, educational, cultural and recreational activities to maintain the quality of life for all citizens and visitors in the greater Cashiers area. Lucke, Silver Creek Real Estate Groups owner and broker, is a proponent of the projects mission and a proud member of The Village Greens Board of Directors.

Renderings of the future community facility designed by local architect and Village Green Board Member, Dan Duckham will be on display throughout the Bare Boards Party. The family-friendly event will also feature hot air balloon rides, a pot painting station for the kids, strolling blue grass musicians, delicious food and more. The party gets underway at 4 p.m. and lasts until 7 p.m. Consider showing your support for the community-funded Village Green Centre at the heart of the Cashiers community by donating to the building fund through the Adopt a Turret program, purchasing a Bare Board with your name on it or becoming a Village Greenie. All donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. For more information, visit, email me at, or call 828-743-1999.

Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust Celebrates 100 Years of Saving Special Places

An exciting series of centennial events will take place in 2009 to pay homage to Highlands-Cashiers Land Trusts (HCLT) rich history and illuminate the community to its very bright future. HCLT is the oldest land trust in all of North Carolina and among the first 20 in the United States. Like most things, HCLT began very simply the concept of [...]

Plateau Pursuits September 2009 Edition

The Bascom in Highlands NC


The Bascom in Highlands NC


With Falls official arrival rapidly approaching on September 22nd, the excitement is mounting in the towns surrounding the resort villages of Cashiers and Highlands as we await that very first hint of autumn on the mountain. In one months time, the lovely green hardwoods that line the mountaintops and valley [...]

November Plateau Pursuits - Calendar of Events

The Farmhouse at Old Edwards Inn

Calendar of Events brought to you by Silver Creek Real Estate Group of Cashiers, NC

Before we know it, the holidays will be upon us! The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina provide the perfect setting for any holiday celebration. We are proud to present a rich bounty of happenings in and around the Highlands-Cashiers [...]

Calendar of Events for the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau in Western North Carolina

Events Calendar

Plateau Pursuits May 2010 Calendar of Events for the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau in Western North Carolina

While life in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina is a celebration of natures splendor year-round there is perhaps no season more stunning and WELCOME than Spring on the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau. With Winters snowfall [...]

Cashiers, North Carolina Outdoor Concert Series

The Village Green

Get Into The Groove All Season Long at The Village Green


The Village Green in Cashiers NC


As a proud sponsor of Groovin on the Green an outdoor concert series at Cashiers Village Green Silver Creek Real Estate Group invites you, your friends and family to grab a blanket and a picnic basket, and meet us for a night of music and dancing [...]

August 2010 - Plateau Pursuits

Events Calendar

As the inevitable Back to School sale signs begin to appear in store windows throughout the South, summer is still in full-swing in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Plan your last-minute Summer escape to a place well-known for its unique culture, family-friendly festivals, mild climate and relaxed pace. Over the course of a week or a [...]

September 2010 - Plateau Pursuits

Events Calendar

As the last days of Summer give way to Fall later this month, and our heads start to fill with happy thoughts of Fall Festivals, the seasonal change of leaves and the first hints of falls chill the focus of event calendars all along the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau turn to art, antiques and the quiet celebration of nature. With school back in [...]

October 2010 - Plateau Pursuits

Events on the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau

As the leaves on the trees begin to change, our excitement grows! Fall is an exhilarating time in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina not just because the natural beauty of the area seems heightened with the addition of brilliant shades of green, red, amber and gold, but because Fall is a time of celebration, of festivals, of [...]

December 2010 - Plateau Pursuits

Events Calendar

With the arrival of December to the mountains of Western North Carolina often comes a slew of Christmas traditionalists on the hunt for this years perfect Christmas tree. Cars topped with carefully strapped Fraser Firs pass through the festively adorned Crossroads on their way home as shoppers scurry past from one unique shop to the next the [...]

January 2011 Plateau Pursuits

Events Calendar

The New Year represents many things to many people.For some, it is a time of renewal a time to focus on family and the things that are most important in ones life. For some, it is a time to tackle some goals lose weight, get more organized, or start on a new career path. For others, the New Year represents a time of new beginnings, a time of [...]

February 2011 Plateau Pursuits

Events Calendar

Love is in the air and its contagious! Each year, a whole new round of couples and families discover our special little corner of the world on the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau and fall in love. Some feel a kinship to the people and places along the region that calls them back year-after-year, others are struck by a deep-seated passion that [...]

March 2011 Plateau Pursuits

Events Calendar

During a month commonly associated with St. Patricks Day and the pursuit of good fortune, folks who live along the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau will tell you that they have already found the end of the rainbow. Comprised of a collection of unique mountain communities that are plentiful in Carolina charm and southern hospitality, this little [...]

April 2011 Plateau Pursuits

Events Calendar

With the arrival of April comes the return of our much-anticipated seasonal friends to the mountains of Western North Carolina the daffodils, tulips, trillium, dogwoods, azaleas, and so much more. The early spring breezes carry the heavenly floral fragrance as they stir the surface on our lovely mountain lakes and streams, giving the sense [...]

May 2011 Plateau Pursuits

Events Calendar

Not unlike the stuff of dreams, the month of May in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina is filled with a seemingly endless rolling sea of color as wildflowers blanket the valley floor under a canopy of towering green trees and blue skies adorned with fluffy white clouds. The fragrance of newly blooming Dogwoods and Mountain [...]

June 2011 Plateau Pursuits

Events Calendar

While the official start of summer falls during the Summer Solstice on June 21, for many of us summer is already in full-swing. The temperatures are warmer, seasonal neighbors and visitors have returned, and the Farmers Market at the [...]

Plateau Pursuits July 2011

Events Calendar

The natural beauty and clean, crisp mountain air that have become tantamount among devotees of the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau have also served as inspiration for a revolving door of artists and musicians who find inspiration in a sunset over the ridge or fulfillment in the sound of their music being carried on a mountain breeze. While many [...]

Plateau Pursuits August 2011

Events Calendar

As the summer days become shorter and the fireflies take to the night sky for a few final light shows before the cold arrives, a quiet hush falls over the mountain. With the kids back in school, fewer families visit during the week making way for a bevy of romantic mountain escapes for couples. The occasional nighttime chill in the air [...]

Plateau Pursuits October 2011

Events Calendar

How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days. ~ John Burroughs, American Writer and Naturalist (1837-1921)

With Autumns arrival comes a great transformation to the mountains and valleys of Western North Carolina. Theres a stirring in the air, creating an undeniable sense of excitement. Colors seem more [...]

Plateau Pursuits November 2011

Events Calendar

Once those beautiful orange, red and gold leaves have left the trees and Halloween is a distant memory marked by a trail of empty candy wrappers, thoughts begin turning to the holidays ahead. Up here in the mountains of Western North Carolina, a steady stream of cars will wind up the narrow steep streets in search of a relaxing weekend to [...]

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